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Expert Roofers

for Crystal Lake, IL

Our roofing professionals are experienced tradesmen that have come from generations of roofers. Our licensed and bonded roofing experts have been trained by the generations that have come before them, often their experience is from tutelage that they have received under their grandfather, father, brother or uncle. This experience and knowledge of roofing is key to understanding your home’s roof and how to properly repair or install a new roof. Our teams are there for you for your everyday maintenance and for every situation in between. If you haven’t had your roof inspected lately then give the professionals at Cost Roofing a call at (815) 459-1135 for a thorough and detailed report.

Emergency Roof Repair/Installation

for Crystal Lake, IL

The weather in the Midwest is unpredictable and can be extremely damaging to your home. In one moment the sun could be shining and then the next an intense hailstorm or windstorm could come through. In the instances where your roof takes the majority of the beating from Mother Nature, give the emergency roofing experts a call at Cost Roofing. Our expert roofers will be there as soon as possible to give you a full estimate of the damage and will work with your insurance company to ensure that you get everything your home needs in your claim.

Financing for

Crystal Lake, IL Roofs

We believe that every home should have access to a new roof or roof repair when they need it. This is why we went out to find a financial partner who could offer our customers excellent financing plans and an extremely simple approval process. We have options such as our 18 months, zero interest plan with no monthly payments – same as cash and a variety of others to suit your needs and budget. To see a full list of the financing options offered by Cost Roofing, check out our Special Offers.