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The roof is the most important aspect of your home. It is there to protect your family from the elements and keep them safe and warm. Our licensed and bonded professionals are experienced roofers who have learned the trade from years of experience and generations of training. If you haven’t had your roof inspected lately, then call in the professionals at (815) 459-1135. We will come out to your home and complete a thorough and detailed inspection of your roof. Maintaining your roof is a low cost option to ensure that your home and your family stays safe.


Roofing Services

The weather in the Midwest is extremely unpredictable and can cause serious damage to your roof. When Mother Nature strikes we will be there to help you get your home back to normal. We will come out to your home and give you a detailed assessment of the damage and offer you the options available for you. We will work with your insurance company and help you to navigate the claims process. Whether it is a roof repair, a temporary roof fix or a brand new roof, our emergency roofing professionals will be there when you need them.

Financing Options

for Every Roof in Barrington, IL

Everyone should have access to a new roof or roof repair when they need it, yet the high costs associated with a new roof can sometimes make this difficult. This is exactly why we went out and found a financial partner to help us offer financing plans to our customers. We have a variety of plans that will fit everyone’s needs and budget. The approval process is also such a short and fast process that often you will be still choosing shingle colors when your approval comes through! To see our full line of financing options, check out our Special Offers.