Hail Damage Repair

/Hail Damage Repair

When Mother Nature Strikes

It’s Time to Call In the Professionals

Hail damage is unfortunately for those of in the Midwest, not an uncommon occurrence. It is something that can come from any storm and extremely difficult to tell if it has occurred to your roof from the ground. The only way to really tell if you have had hail damage to your roof is to have an inspection completed – from your roof.

When you believe that your home as had hail damage than you should call your insurance company and ask them for a roof inspection for hail damage. Once you have done this, you should call an expert roofing company and have them come out and complete the same inspection. Once both inspections have been completed they should be compared to seek out discrepancies. If there are any differences than you need to request a re-inspection. In this instance your roofing company and the insurance adjuster will meet to complete a new inspection and determine the next steps. A re-inspection is very common in these instances.

An insurance company must determine two things when assessing the amount of loss:

  1. Was there sufficient damage to the roof to declare it a total loss? (Usually determined by 10 verified hail hits per 100 square feet.)
  2. What is the size of the roof and how many shingles will be needed to replace the roof?

The Nature

of Hail

Hail can damage your roof by accelerating granule loss and shingle aging. It can cause multiple problems in the future, but due to the nature of hail it is not always an immediate problem that will affect the structural integrity of your roof. That being said however, many insurance companies have a “statute of limitations” of how long a hail claim is viable so it is important to have an inspection done to determine your next steps. In every instance with your roof, an act of maintenance and an inspection can save you a very costly roofing situation in the future. Call our hail damage roofing experts today at (815) 459-1135 to schedule your thorough and detailed hail inspection.